Z.P. A mystery project that, should it be revealed, the deepest and darkest creatures of the Earth will be pulled from their depths and into our realm. It contains a dangerous combination of technology, magic, and wicked intentions. Harry Potter in his worst nightmares. It will be a series.

It Haunts Me is a book currently undergoing rewriting as the first two drafts did not meet the insatiable beast inside this writer’s mind. L’appel du vide, known as the call of the void, pulls us closer to the edge. Etienne Sauvageot, King of the Savages, is no different. Atop the crumbling roof of an old asylum, he hears the call but does not succumb. His choice, it haunts him. It haunts me.

Tears of God was the first piece of darkness to ooze out of my head and onto empty parchment. It shattered the delicate image the world had of me and stabbed shards of glass into my ambitions. Completed when I was but a babe of 18, those who grabbed a dagger and turned will forever be disrespected in my head, just as Adira would have wanted.

A fierce coming of age novel about abuse, self-harm, and pain, Tears of God is a no holds barred sort of novel. Through Adira’s struggle, we too learn of how much the world misses. Ironically enough, the world in my circle seemed to miss the point.

There are others. Entropy, The Tongue of Arlow, and The Branches Are Red. Each is important in their own way and all are finished novels. But these three are not on the pedestal today.

A gruesome work of poetry, The Monster Under My Bed can be found on Amazon.

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